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Ski Boots and Celery (ebook)

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A Compilation of Oz’s (Business Continuity) Blogs

By Andy Osborne

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Publication date : March 2014

148 pages

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Who says business continuity management has to be serious all the time?


Andy Osborne’s Continuity Blog has some genuine laughs in it. Sign up for light relief.          (

This book started life as a blog. 

Readers of Oz’s Business Continuity Blogs will know that they are very different from the predominance of somewhat dry or turgid business continuity blogs to be found on the web.

Written in his down-to-earth, sometimes slightly irreverent, at times wryly humorous style, each one takes an element of his recent business or personal life and somehow manages to relate it to business continuity management.

Examples include accounts of various domestic disasters, his own mid-life crisis, beekeeping, golf, the telegraph crossword, chainsaws, hockey and the exploits of his dog, Barney.

It is a blog as a blog should be. It is a personal blog and it is a fun blog, but it never forgets its main goal: to spread life’s own lessons in business continuity and risk management. It is more than worth stopping by.    (Review on

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into business continuity management or not – you can apply much of what Andy says to many other management disciplines, or to management in general. Or you could just ignore the business continuity bits and read it simply for its entertainment value!            (Richard Kennedy, Managing Director, Switchgear Systems)

As Andy comments in his introduction “… there is, without question, a place for the “you should do business continuity because…” or “this is how you do a business impact analysis” or “how to get certified to ISO22301/ISO22313″ or whatever other standard excites people who are excited by such things. But writing stuff like that doesn’t really float my proverbial boat and, in any case, there’s more than enough of it out there already without me adding to it”.

He goes on to say “I hope that, despite the lack of any kind of thread and the tenuousness of the links to business continuity management, at least one or two of my little stories will give you some food for thought vis-à-vis your own business continuity programme. More importantly, I hope you enjoy reading them and that you find them interesting and/or vaguely amusing”.

There should be no worries on that score.

2 reviews for Ski Boots and Celery (ebook)

  1. Christine

    A book rich in humour, fun and snippets of business continuity and risk assessment. The reader does not need to have an interest in business continuity to enjoy reading this compilation of blogs. A most enjoyable read

  2. Jim

    Who said Business Continuity Management can’t be fun? In an industry that can be sleep-inducing, Andy Osborne has found the secret to pumping life into BCM. His unique perspective takes self-deprecating slices of his own daily life – and makes such incongruous things as hockey, chain saws, ducks, opera, vegetables and the ravages of middle age all relevant to BCM – topped off with a lovely cup of tea.

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