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Practical Business Continuity Management (ebook)


Top Tips for Effective, Real-World Business Continuity Management

By Andy Osborne

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Publication date : August 2007

128 pages

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The best business continuity investment you’ll make this year!

If you want to know what business continuity is really about I suggest you read this book … perhaps even give a copy to your boss as a present. If he or she reads it, it might well make your life much easier.            (Lyndon Bird, Technical Director, Business Continuity Institute)

This book is aimed at anyone with responsibility for, or involvement in, developing, maintaining or testing their organisation’s business continuity management programme.

Whether you’re a new or an experienced practitioner, and whatever your specific role within your organisation, if you have an interest in implementing and maintaining an effective business continuity management programme, this book is for you.

It contains dozens of useful and practical tips, distilled from many years experience developing, maintaining and testing business continuity strategies, solutions and plans; tips that will help you to develop and maintain a business continuity capability, rather than just a business continuity plan; tips for getting the best out of your business continuity programme in the real world.

This is a wonderful book. Sure at first glance it may seem a bit short on pages, but it’s simply packed with useful, informative tips that are as the title says ‘practical’. I think the biggest praise I can give this book is that it makes preparing a BCP look possible and nowhere near as daunting a task as many other books on the subject. Great stuff.                                                                                                                                                                      (Customer review on Amazon)

An acknowledged expert in the field of business continuity management, Andy Osborne has spent almost twenty years helping many and varied organisations, across a broad range of industry sectors, to develop, implement, prove and maintain their business continuity capability. Andy regularly presents on business continuity and risk management in the UK, Europe and the United States.


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