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Business Continuity Plan


Business Continuity Plan Template

Downloadable Microsoft Word® Document (.docx)

60-page comprehensive plan template, with guidance notes to assist with completion

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We recognise that some people wish to develop their own business continuity plan using a template as a starting point.

Whilst this is not necessarily our recommended approach, primarily because there are a number of other essential elements to an effective business continuity programme that may be overlooked (such as conducting a business impact analysis and developing a business continuity strategy which underpins the plan), Acumen’s business continuity plan template has been developed and fine-tuned as a result of many years of extensive practical experience and is proven to work, having been used by clients ‘in anger’.

Divided into logical and well-defined sections, with checklists for responding to various situations, this comprehensive Microsoft Word® template also contains expert advice, tips and notes to assist you in the completion of your plan and ensure you don’t overlook anything important.


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