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Activating protected e-books

Please note that e-books sold on the Acumen Shop are currently only supported on the Microsoft Windows® platform.

E-books and other downloadable documents may be protected from unauthorised copying and distribution by means of an Activation Key. Where this is the case (e.g. for PDF e-books) the product is provided as an executable (.exe) file made available to you in a downloadable ZIP file. You are responsible for ensuring that your security policies and settings allow you to download and run these file types on your computer.

You will need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view the e-book. To install the latest free version of Adobe Reader visit:

After downloading the ZIP file, extract and run the e-book (.exe file) and enter your Activation Key (e-mailed to you separately when you purchased the e-book). Enter your Activation Key via Menu Item: ‘eBook -> Activate eBook’. This will unlock the e-book and enable you to view it in full. Prior to activation the e-book will be in sample mode which will only allow viewing of a small selection of pages.

One Activation Key allows access to the e-book from one computer at any one time. To transfer the e-book to another computer, simply deactivate the e-book via the Menu Item: ‘Help -> Deactivate eBook’, copy the e-book (.exe) file to your other computer, your laptop for example, and use the Activation Key to activate the e-book again as outlined in the above paragraph.

Additional help can be found at:

Please note that by making your purchase the copyright holder also grants you permission to print one hard copy of the e-book. Replication or distribution in any other format is prohibited.

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